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Fish Flake Cocaine

Fish Flake Cocaine is available for sale at Coca Shop. Street cocaine is almost never pure cocaine. In fact, most powder cocaine contains between 50% and 70% pure cocaine. High-potency cocaine, on the other hand, has a higher purity level — up to 90%. When cocaine is this pure, it appears shiny and pearly. As a result, it is frequently referred to as fish scale cocaine. Due to the lack of impurities, fish scale cocaine is more potent, more expensive, and more difficult to obtain. Order cocaine online from us and enjoy purity. Probably everyone here knows the term ‘Flakes’ or ‘Flake Cocaine’, cocaine is a powerful stimulant. It is extremely addictive and used almost exclusively as a recreational drug. It comes from the coca leaf and became popular as a drug in the 1980’s. In its natural form, the coca leaf, it has been consumed for thousands of years by the native peoples of South America. 

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